Baby First

From baby steps to one giant leap ahead.

We talked with Michael Nuttall, CTO about converting their paper based organisation into an online powerhouse over the last 10 years…

Baby First Ltd is an importer, manufacturer and distributer of world renowned toys and baby products.

They are a family business with a history spanning over 60 years. They sell to stores across New Zealand.

The Challenges

Baby First wanted a better way to:

Showcase their product line,

Link it back to their website and

Have all orders go automatically into their inventory management system for picking and packing

"Being in business for sixty years, we’ve seen a lot of change. When we first engaged with Zeevo our reps were on the road carrying around massive catalogues.”

"They’re always looking for better ways for us to work smarter.”

The Scope

“Working with Zeevo, the scope is an ongoing process. They’re always looking for better ways for us to work smarter. They have no problem collaborating with other suppliers.”

"The time of the build is fast and the team are always really helpful.”

The Development

Our solution was the integration of our SalesTab app, replacing their monthly print run of price sheets and product imagery with an app running on a tablet, which combined their catalogue and imagery, price lists and ordering process into one seamless product.

"Customers get orders fulfilled faster and nothing’s lost."

The Result

Customers are now able to be shown the Baby First product line in a slick interface with full screen imagery. Product information is linked in with inventory control systems meaning more relevant sales information and less work for head office.

“Orders can be sent through to the warehouse floor instantly meaning customers get orders fulfilled faster and nothing’s lost on a scrap of paper.”

“You always know who you’re dealing with and they know what’s going on.”

Working Together

We’ve been working with Zeevo for a decade. More recently we have begun work on a website refresh with ecommerce capability profiling thousands of baby products with size and colour variants, which will link into Xero accounting software a lot more.

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