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Lightweight case management.
Heavyweight dev team.

We talked with Adelle Clarke, Customer Experience Manager for Enable Networks Limited about improving their lightweight case management system…

About Enable

Enable Networks is the ultra-fast broadband provider for greater Christchurch.

As part of the national ultra-fast broadband initiative they have brought ultra-fast fibre broadband to over 200,000 homes, businesses and schools.

Enable is wholly owned by Christchurch City Holdings Limited, the commercial arm of the Christchurch City Council.

The Challenge

Enable’s customer services team were finding it increasingly difficult to satisfactorily track tasks against their order system.

“There was a lack of visibility regarding order follow up and no clear accountability as to who would or should do the follow up. It also wasn’t clear in which cases the Customer Service Team needed to engage other parties for resolution of issues.”

"They strike a very nice balance between suggesting additional features or enhancements without overstepping and growing the scope unnecessarily."

The Scope

The development needed to be done within the order management system (IBSS), which we were already hosting for Enable. The scope and spec development process was rigorous, taking over four months to complete. In that time we identified a number of key deliverables regarding ownership. The specification was written off the back of user stories, focusing on specific case management pain points they had been brought to our attention.

“It was very successful. They somehow manage to strike a very nice balance between suggesting additional features or enhancements without overstepping and growing the scope unnecessarily. They do well there. I’m very visual, so I particularly appreciated their wireframes and mock ups.”

“Their approach and attitude I’ve always found to be exceptional. They’re extremely helpful."

The Development

The development team needed to craft a user experience (UX) that was robust for use by Enable’s retail service providers (ISP’s) and for Enable’s call centre staff - in order to ensure that clear communication flow about orders was maintained. The deliverables also needed to integrate cleanly within the existing IBSS web application built by Zeevo in 2014.

The work was largely a front end built in JavaScript with HTML and CSS, along with a custom-back end module built with CodeIgniter and Doctrine, and a RDMBS database.

Zeevo worked closely with Enable’s Testing Team to ensure that each phase of the project was made available to the test team in a timely manner. Our team also clearly documented release notes for pre-production and production deployments. These included provision of in-depth code deployment documentation, schema change requirements, and a risk analysis of the deployment process with recommendations for mitigating any areas of risk identified.

"What was delivered was bang on and delivered as per spec.”

The Result

The system has gone on to become very successful with functionality that has been well utilised and has since provided excellent visibility.

Working Together

Zeevo have been with Enable from the early years of the UFB rollout. Work included the creation of Enable's RSP ordering portal through which all companies (eg Vodafone, Spark, 2-Degrees) lodge customer orders, and provision of a custom in-field app for Enable contractors to review service plans from a GIS database.

We provide Enable with specialist PHP development and with enterprise-level hosting services including hosting and support for their consumer-facing Silverstripe website and providing a 24-hour on call service to key areas of the business.

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