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We talked with Gilbert McKinnon, CFO of Hunter Furniture about what his experience was like working with Zeevo to develop a new sales tool…

About Hunter Furniture

Hunter Furniture are a nationwide furniture retailer who have designed, manufactured and supplied quality furniture to New Zealand homes and businesses over five decades.

The Challenge

Hunter Furniture had been using a sales and stock software system that wasn’t delivering a satisfactory Point Of Sale (POS) experience.

Both customers and team members were asking for a more visual, tactile experience. Something that would enhance the sales experience, showing a library of images and putting a range of options at the customer’s fingertips.

"Zeevo produced in-depth documentation, identifying exactly what we wanted.”

The Scope

Hunter Furniture use a traditional server based ERP system. We suggested building an integrated iPad app to enhance the system’s functionality and the POS experience.

The app had to:
• give the customer a front-end shopping experience
• be able to complete sales transactions
• work with Hunter Furniture’s background accounting/ stock system
• make things easier for the sales consultants
• be intuitive

“We did a solid month of scoping. Zeevo produced in-depth documentation, identifying exactly what we wanted.”

"It’s outstanding how thorough they are, making sure we are all on the same page.”

The Design

Zeevo has a product called Sales Tab, which is used primarily for mobile sales reps. We worked with Hunter Furniture, taking them through their wish list of key features and showing them how they could be incorporated via Sales Tab’s framework.

“We had months of talks and tweaking. It’s a robust process that they follow with thorough documentation. Drilling in to the detail. Getting it right before signing off on development and budget. It’s outstanding how thorough they are, making sure we are all on the same page.”

“We worked hand-in-hand with Hunter Furniture's IT team and contractors."

The Development

The first step was integrating the SalesTab backend with the existing ERP system, MYOB EXO. This server-side component was a key piece of the puzzle as it provides a RESTful API for the iPad app to connect to without having to change the main data store.

Once the server side implementation was completed, the SalesTab iPad app had a live connection directly to the heart of the business. In this case, additional app customisations were made to tailor the sales process and functional elements to Hunter’s needs. The JavaScript App framework made it possible to provide Hunter Furniture with a platform that supported rapid customisation and rollout.

“We worked hand-in-hand with Hunter Furniture's IT team and contractors to make sure all business rules and workflow requirements were accurately accommodated, and to ensure that the end result was a seamless integration,” - Michelle Holland, Business Development, Zeevo

"It’s growing well with the business.”

The Result

The Hunter Furniture team are very happy with the product. It is performing very well in the environment. The consultants enjoy using it. It has made the sales process much easier for all, and more enjoyable for their customers.

“Since go live, we’ve made some enhancements, some adjustments. And have since leveraged this build into an e-commerce platform. It’s growing well with the business.”

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