PGG Wrightson

Working right across the field.

PGG Wrightson are one of New Zealand's top 50 companies and have a comprehensive portfolio of product divisions that require web capabilities.

About PGG Wrightson

PGG Wrightson is a leading provider to the agricultural sector offering a wide range of products, services and solutions to growers, farmers and processors in New Zealand and internationally.

Working Together

Zeevo has been a technology partner with PGG Wrightson product divisions since 2010.

We provide a suite of cutting edge web solutions for their brands - PGG Wrightson Turf, PGG Wrightson Seeds & Agricom to name a few - helping each division to appropriately address their marketplaces in a strategic and effective manner.

Specialist tools or custom applications, Zeevo are the trusted technology provider to bridge the gap.

The Solutions

Whether it be traditional web presences - such as their new Australia Turf and Dura brands - or specialist sales ordering tools (using a specially branded and customised version of our own SalesTab app), or a custom app for in-field yield calculations (BeetGuru) we are the trusted technology provider to bridge the gap between real-world agricultural products and cutting-edge web technology.

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