Zeevo donates to Christchurch City Mission

Zeevo is proud to be a locally owned business, and for us, one of the most exciting things about being local is the opportunity to engage with our community. We know we're lucky to live and work in Christchurch and we believe in paying it forward.

As part of this commitment, the Zeevo team came together to choose two choose two local charities to support. Getting the whole team on board for the selection process was important to us - we wanted our choice to reflect our shared values, both as individuals and as a company.

In Christchurch City Mission and Age Concern we found two charities whose work we find inspiring. The depth of experience and breadth of services offered by both these organisations impressed all of us, and we're proud to support them in their excellent work.

Christchurch City Mission (H2)
The City Mission is probably best known for its foodbank, which gave out over 38,000 parcels in 2018. This vital service is one factor which drew us to Christchurch City Mission - Zeevo CEO, Michelle Holland says "The thought of people going without the basic necessities in life plays on my mind a lot. As a person in good physical health and resources to draw from I personally see giving where we can as a responsibility we have. Achieving this as a part of Careforce is an honour."

But their mission extends far beyond feeding the hungry. Christchurch City Mission works to support people at risk through social and economic factors such as unemployment, inadequate housing, family breakdown, addiction, financial difficulties, abuse and other issues. They work to improve the quality of people's lives and enable them to be more self-sufficient - their social services include emergency bedding, budgeting advice, women's shelter, women's and men's day programmes, and a range of alcohol and drug services including detox support, counselling, and supported accommodation among many more. Zeevo team member Andy Burson said "When we started looking into Christchurch City Mission services, I was blown away by the sheer number of different forms of help they can offer people. It definitely made me want to support them anyway I can."

Age Concern (H2)

According to Sharon Dwyer, "Christchurch as a city has faced more than its fair share of challenges in recent years, and of all the people who've faced these challenges, the elderly may be the most likely to struggle and the least likely to reach out for help." This was one factor which led us to choose Age Concern Canterbury as our second charity.

Age Concern Canterbury works to achieve wellbeing, rights, respect and dignity for older people by providing a wide range of services. They organise visiting services and social outings for isolated elders, as well as offering home support and maintenance services, running courses and groups aimed at fostering independence and social connection.

As Michelle Holland notes, "These national treasures are often the most vulnerable in society. It's important we step-up and support individuals who have little human contact or who are missing out on the basic necessities of life. " Age Concern have a strong focus on creating and reinforcing social connections for older people who may otherwise find themselves totally isolated. They also take on the graver issues their clients face such as elder abuse or inadequate medical care through their advocacy and support networks.

Age Concern is another example of a deeply experienced, highly effective charity doing the right kinds of work that we at Zeevo wholeheartedly support, and we are proud to work with them in achieving their goals.

Our Commitments
In working with Age Concern and the City Mission we have committed to making regular donations to both organisations to support their efforts in building a stronger community for our most vulnerable citizens.

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